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WISSEN Training linguistics

We have flexible training options each designed to enable you to communicate with  confidence in professional or social situations through active and communicâtive teaching methods using an authentic and relevant context. Helping you to use your target language effectively in real life situations.

made to measure... to suit you

Individual lesson programme

  • Private lessons with one of our tutors
  • Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour
  • Full range of support materials and resources provided

Group programme

  • Lesson programmes for group tuition for all levels lead
    by one of our tutors
  • Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Full range of support materials and resources provided

Telephone based learning

  • For additional convenience, we offer the option of lessons by telephone and/or via webcam
  • Minimum session: 30 minutes
  • Paper and digital support


  • PC based training in 7 languages (British and American English, Spanish, ltalian, German, Dutch and French) with multiple language levels
  • ln partnership with Auralog, French publisher of multimedia products specialised in language training
  • Several options : independent or tutor based

Intensive option

  • 30 or 35 hours in 1 or 2 week courses
  • Individual or group lessons
  • Full range of support material and resources provided

Dedicated workshops

  • Effective telephone communication
  • Managing and organising meetings
  • Negotiating


  • Specially designed for those who need to go abroad for business
  • This last minute intensive training (5 to 7h) assisted by trainers from senior management in large corporations

English immersion

  • lmmersion course with a partner school in the South West of England
  • Individual or group courses
  • Combined course programmes
Wissen is the logical choice for your language needs
Our training is focused on your professional and personal needs.


Our objective is to enable you to communicate effectively in a professional and personal context as quickly as possible. Our focused approach enables you to achieve competence in your chosen language and to benefit your business performance or achievement of personal goals.

Business organisations and private individuals wishing to develop
competence in a chosen language for personal or business benefit.

Language learning for all sectors: General management, finance, commercial, marketing banking, insurance, legal, IT and logistics. Language learning for a complete range of business and commercial uses.

Your objectives are detemined following an analysis of your needs.

Our training programmes are designed to meet general needs such as improvement in the use of grammar, lexis, conversational ability, pronunciation or can be developed in line with specific aims such as the need to
take professional exams.

Why choose Wissen ?

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